The Top Tour Operators in Uganda

If you’re heading to East Africa on a safari, you’re going to want to ensure everything from transfers to game drives run smoothly – despite the unsurfaced roads of the region’s national parks. That’s why you should always seek out the top tour companies in Uganda. This can be easier said than done if you don’t know exactly what to look for, which is why we’ve created this short unbiased guide, showing what to look for in a Uganda tour operator.

Intimate On the Ground Knowledge


The best tour companies in Uganda are, like Home to Africa, exactly that – in Uganda. There is no better starting point than local on the ground knowledge. It’s only by being based in the region that agents are able to understand what potential problems can occur before they even become problems!

In-country agents also have a much better awareness of issues that may affect your safari, such as law changes or unusually heavy rains, which could have a negative impact on your trip. By being where it’s happening, the best tour and travel agents in Uganda are able to respond much more quickly and sort such issues straight away. Often without you even realizing a problem ever existed.

Good Tour Companies in Uganda Will Save You Time and Money

Beyond their unrivaled local knowledge, another excellent reason to seek out the top tour companies in Uganda is the fact using them will almost always save you both time and money.

Provide them with the basics of what you’re looking for from your trip, whether that’s an exploration of Queen Elizabeth National Park or the desire to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, and they’ll do all the hard work for you. No need to surf the internet for hours on end looking for the best deals. And no need to worry about arranging everything to fit each other with the risk you mess up.

What’s more, the top tour operators in Uganda have close relationships with the lodges and other suppliers. This means they have access to deals that simply aren’t available to the general public, and can sometimes even get you a better safari, by arranging upgrades or the top guides, without it costing you a single penny more.

Guidance on the Best Time to Visit Uganda

It’s possible to head out on a safari at any time of year. However, travelers can have a very different experience depending on exactly when you visit. Some times of year are best for catching sight of the largest number and diversity of wildlife species. But this is not necessarily the ideal time for those most interested in the region’s birdlife, or photographers looking for perfect blue skies.

The easiest way of discovering the best time to go on an African safari for you and your interests is by taking advantage of the presence of the years of experience gained by tour operators. Likewise, if you’re looking to do something a little different and away from the usual experiences on a Uganda safari, these tour and travel companies in Uganda remain the place to head.

Confidence From the First Moment

Arguably though, the most important reason for using a well-known and highly-recommended tour company for your Uganda safari is the confidence you’ll have from doing so.

We now know more than ever that travel plans can be seriously disrupted. You don’t need to look far to find stories of people having to fight airlines and hotels booked directly to receive refunds they believe they rightly deserve.

Use the services of a tour company such as Home to Africa, and as well as the savings and on the ground knowledge, you as a traveler also get a better level of protection. That’s because we are regulated by bodies including the Uganda Tourism Board, ensuring specific standards of service are met throughout.

Support For Local Communities

Tour operators based in their country of operation also understand the importance of community engagement and giving back. The safari industry provides an important source of income for communities right across the region, helping those who would otherwise struggle.

Very much a part of the community, Home to Africa directs 10% of your booking costs to our charity Global ICT Care, which gives women and children free nutrition and education to make a real difference to their lives. Going on vacation has never been so positive!

Uganda Safar Tours You Just Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Imagine the situation. You see a tour that you fall in love with and know will be absolutely perfect for you and your family. It could be a two center trip taking in Murchison Falls National Park and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, or trips to the islands of Lake Victoria. But even after hours of online research you find it impossible to replicate.

Or you’ve lined up your hotels, guides and safari experiences only to find it impossible to book transfers by light aircraft for your days of travel, potentially ruining the entire trip. The easiest way to solve these problems is by using a reputable tour operator.

Why? Because tour operators like us do more than go to the nearest comparison sites to arrange your safaris. We’ve got our very own booking systems, which give us access to an entire world of accommodation options, flights, and excursions you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Tour operators are also particularly important for those looking to trek through the jungles of Uganda’s south to encounter the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. That’s because to do so requires a special permit – of which less than 100 are issued each day.

Tour Operators in Uganda – A Must for Your Safari

Take all the stress and worry out of booking a Uganda safari by using a trustworthy tour operator or travel company. Their experienced staff will do all the hard work for you, while at the same time ensuring the vacation you’re booking will meet your expectations!


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