The Rwenzori Mountain is a world-class hiking and mountaineering destination. A 9 to 12-Day trek will get skilled climbers to the snow-capped (all year) summit of Margherita. Rwenzori has some of the greatest features in Africa such as the third highest mountain peak in the continent being the snow-capped Margherita, the breathtaking plant life. A variety of animals inhabits the lower slopes as an addition to its natural beauty but the Rwenzori is famous for the majestic scenery and varied vegetation. The trails lead through rain forests full of monkeys and birds then on to tall bamboo forests, before emerging on the high altitude moorland zone, a landscape of bizarre giant lobelias, towered over by black rock and white snowy peaks. For the adventurers and those who prefer something a bit strenuous, this fabled “Mountains of the Moon” is without a doubt your dream.

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