Mgahinga, the smallest national park in the country is home to mountain gorillas, second to Bwindi. It is also an important habitat for the endangered golden monkeys. Although not well known by most travelers, golden monkeys are yet the second, most interesting attraction in Mgahinga after the mountain gorillas. As well as being important for wildlife, Mgahinga also has a huge cultural significance and in particular for the indigenous Batwa pygmies.

For generations, the Mgahinga dense forest was home to the indigenous Batwa (hunter – gatherers and fierce warriors) who depended on the forest for shelter, food and medicine. Now, they lead visitors through the forest and introduce them to their old home and the techniques they used to survive in it. Meeting these indigenous people will offer you a glimpse into the history and memories of ancient Africa.

Other striking features of Mgahinga are the nearby three extinct volcanoes; Mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Sabyinyo. Just know, Mgahinga is unique and ready to offer something special to its visitors.

Getting there: Road transfer or flight (if available) to Kisoro Airstrip.

What to do: Gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, Batwa (pygmies) community & cultural encounter, forest walk, bird watching, hiking the extinct volcanoes of; Mount Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo.

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