How to Find A Trustworthy Tour Operator in Africa


Slipping on the khaki clothing and making sure you’ve got the largest camera memory cards you can find will all be for nothing if you don’t have a great tour operator in Africa.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the tour operator you choose can make or break your safari. And given safaris are bucket list vacations for many, you certainly won’t want them ruined by an inexperienced for inadequate tour operator.

New to Africa and not sure what to look for? We provide the only guidelines you’ll ever need for finding the perfect tour operator in Africa!

Why You Should Use A Tour Operator in Africa

The job of a tour operator in Africa is to make your life as easy as possible. This is a must when you might live thousands of kilometers from the continent in London, New York, or Sydney. They should quickly understand exactly what you’re looking for from your vacation – and then suggest the right safari for you, rather than the one which brings in the most money.

All good tour operators will be members of the relevant bodies, giving travelers peace of mind alongside certain legal protections. For instance, Home To Africa is regulated by the Uganda Tourism Board and a member of various international groups, from the Association of Uganda Tour Operators to the United States Tour Operators Association.

But in addition, the very best tour operators in Africa will offer experiences you simply can’t get without them. This could be better deals on a favorite hotel, exclusive access to wildlife areas usually closed off to the public, or the pick of the very best guides. They’ll also be on standby on those very rare occasions when things might go wrong.

All in all, a good tour operator in Africa is worth their weight in gold!

Use a Tour Operator in Africa With Local Experience

It’s easy to underestimate the size and complexities of traveling in Africa. By area, the African continent is equal in size to the United States and Mexico, Europe, China, and India combined. At its maximum extent, Africa stretches 8,000 km north to south and east to west. Its population is estimated at 1.4 billion people, who speak anywhere between one and two thousand different languages – a third of all those in the world.

Having a tour operator based in the west of Africa when you want to explore the vast plains or gorilla-packed forests of east Africa is as useful as using a tour operator in Sweden for a trip to Mexico City. They simply won’t have the intimate on the ground expert knowledge or connections they need to provide you with a good service.

Instead, be sure to find a tour operator in Africa embedded in the region you’re seeking to explore. That’s why Home To Africa centers its attention on the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania from our offices in Kampala – the Ugandan capital and an important regional hub.

It means we understand exactly what it’s like to travel around east Africa, and are able to work with the pick of the crop of hotels, airlines, national parks, and guides. To expect the same high-quality service when you’re traveling solo, as a group, family, or couple without this local knowledge is to expect the impossible. In Africa, relationships and experience count for a huge amount. Without them, travelers just won’t get the important information they need for their safari to be a success.

Find A Tour Operator With a Great Reputation

Every company has to start somewhere, but when it comes to identifying a tour operator in Africa which is going to manage your vacation smoothly, it’s always best to use one with an excellent reputation behind them.

A good place to start is a tour operator’s about us page. For instance, the Home To Africa about us page details the multitude of reasons why we are a reliable choice for safaris in the likes of Murchison Falls National Park and the Serengeti, alongside gorilla trekking experiences to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Volcanoes National Park.

Knowing that each of our clients is different, when a client contacts us we listen carefully to exactly what they say they want, molding and reshaping itineraries to meet even exacting needs. Importantly, we aren’t just yes men and women. We’ll tell you if something you’re planning isn’t possible, or that an alternative time of year will be needed to get the best from a specific tour.

Reward Tour Operators in Africa Which Give Back

Jobs in tourism provide a vital source of employment in and around attractions including east Africa’s national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Simply opting to spend your vacation in Africa supports countless people and families.

In many ways, the region’s tourism industry is a community. This community works together to try and ensure travelers return home with a smile on their faces and a lifetime of memories to call upon in future years.

That community also provides an additional support to people in the region. Some tour operators, including Home To Africa, have decided to reinvest some of their profits in local communities by giving back. A full 10% of bookings with Home To Africa are directed to our charity Global ICT Care. It seeks to help women and children in need by providing nutrition, education, and jobs in our area of operation.

Use The Best And You Won’t Regret It

Don’t be dazzled by flashy logos or promises with nothing to back them up. Despite the number of tour operators in Africa that exist, it’s a relatively easy process to identify the best – something you won’t regret finding the time to do.

The best tour operators in Africa will make the process of creating, arranging, and booking a safari pain free. They’ll provide deals that can’t be got anywhere else, and use their expert local knowledge to develop once in a lifetime experiences each and every time while supporting their local communities. It’s as simple as that!


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