Safe Destinations to Travel to in Africa

There are many ways to rank safe destinations to travel to in Africa. You might take natural disasters into account, or road deaths, or look (with difficulty) at local crime rates. You could see how many vacationing nationals have to seek out their embassies, or end up having to contact their insurance brokers.

The first thing to say – before you start panicking – is that very few visitors to Africa end up going through the last two processes we’ve mentioned. The other thing to say is that there are so many safe destinations to travel to in Africa that you’d be foolish not to take advantage of the fact and opt for those specific places.

Which destinations? We hear you cry? None other than the following wonderful locations for an African vacation!



Tanzania may have a handful of dodgy alleyways in the big cities that are worth avoiding, but safety elsewhere in the country is of a very high standard. In all likelihood, you’ll be heading into Tanzania to either explore east Africa’s epic wildlife, or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak.

In both instances, you’ll be about as far from the dodgy alleyways as it’s possible to get. Instead, you’ll be staying in purpose-built camps with excellent 24-hour security, or in a campsite on a frosty mountainside where even criminals fear to tread.

This makes Tanzania top of our list when it comes to safe destinations to travel to in Africa, without losing out on the sights you’ve come to see!



Uganda is another east African giant of the tourism industry where it seems there are no end to the attractions that can be enjoyed. There are vast plains, stunning lakes, superb forest and an incredibly welcoming local population.

Queen Elizabeth National Park provides the quintessential Uganda safaris experience, alongside Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley national parks. In addition, those who take advantage of the country’s hugely improved safety record can also find themselves among the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, on islands in Lake Victoria which still thrum with traditional ways of life, and at the source of the world’s longest river, the river Nile.



Flung out in the depths of the warm Indian Ocean, Mauritius certainly does sound tempting, doesn’t it? So how well does it score when it comes to safety and security? As you might have guessed from its inclusion in our list, the answer is very well. Indeed, though counting methods vary considerably, Mauritius is probably top of the bill when it comes to safe destinations to travel to in Africa.

That’s absolutely fantastic news if you’re looking to lay in the sun by day and then tucking into the fantastic flavors of the island’s creole cuisine by night. But the news is not so good if you’re a wildlife fan. While heading out to sea can give you encounters with an incredible array of fish and sea mammals, Mauritius certainly isn’t the place to head if you’re after a close meeting with the Big 5.



If you’re looking for the answer of where is a great place to see the Big 5 species (that’s lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, and rhinos) the answer has to be Kenya. Choose any of the classic Kenya safaris and the Big Five will be waiting. They won’t always be there in huge numbers, but seeking them out is all part of the safari experience. And with protected areas including the Maasai Mara National Reserve and Tsavo East National Park, it’s very difficult to go wrong with this bastion of safari holidays.

When it comes to safety, Kenya has done an incredible amount to improve the situation on the ground, and its international image, at the same time. Take the care you would at home and the possibility you’ll end up in difficulties is far more remote than your chance of ticking off all the Big 5!



Not so long ago you would have been mad to put Rwanda on a list of safe destinations to travel to in Africa. But a lot can change in a very short amount of time, as Rwanda has successfully proved. In what is quite an unusual turn of events for African nations, many visitors and resident expats even think it safe enough in the capital of Kigali to go about after dark on foot.

If there’s one place in the country that you probably wouldn’t want to go without a chaperone, such as a guide or a ranger, it’s Volcanoes National Park. This is not because the park contains bandits or other criminals, but because it’s probably not wise to encounter this reserve’s population of mountain gorillas without a helping hand. With safety and mountain gorillas already covered, what else could you possibly ask for? How about a Rwanda safari?



Our last inclusion may well surprise you, but Ghana definitely deserves its place here alongside Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius, Kenya, and Uganda. On the opposite side of the continent in west Africa, this English-speaking nation was the first to gain independence during the colonial period. It has really never looked back.

A success story if ever there was one, stable democracy has flourished in Ghana. With it has come a politics which rarely falls down into violent upheaval, and an economy which is booming – making good news all round. Although Mole National Park in the country’s north is worth exploring, it’s Ghana’s culture which is its star. Among other attractions are over 20 forts and castles constructed from 1600 onward, which help detail the tragic tale of the transatlantic slave trade.

What are the Safe Destinations to Travel to in Africa?

The relative safety of a nation, or even a part of a nation, can go up and down with time. As a traveler, you should therefore be looking for safe destinations to travel to in Africa which regularly hits the top spots in such polls, which is exactly why we’ve chosen the nations we have!


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