Rwanda Safaris – What Can You Expect?

A destination literally at the heart or center of the African continent, Rwanda has much to behold. A Rwanda safari offers her visitors some unique wildlife and a nature sighting experience to remember for a lifetime. Among the unique things you will get to do here is seeing the rare golden monkeys and yes, encountering the breath-taking mountain gorillas that find their home in bamboo forests of the Volcanoes NP.

Dubbed “the land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda’s scenic setting is mind-blowing. A haven for any scenery lover! If interested, there are also some volcanoes to explore while on a Rwanda tour, including crossing border into the famous Nyiragongo craters.

It’s really not just about the Rwanda safaris and savannah here, but the warmth of people you meet as well. Rwandese people are endlessly kind and caring, and the culture is captivating, whether that’s delivered through traditional dance (itore), unique architecture or works of art.

Top Rwanda Safari Tours

Here are our recommendations for a Rwanda safari to get close to this country, its wildlife and its people. All completely customisable to your needs of course!



Warm and friendly, Rwandese are captivating, whether through traditional dance (itore), unique architecture or works of art. A mushanana is a traditional dress that women wear during important traditional ceremonies like marriage. You will be treated to Itore dance that is unique to Rwandese. In fact, you’re not typical Rwandese unless you know how to dance itore.

Weaving is one of the specialty of Rwandese. You will find baskets of all kinds of style and shapes in homes, market place, artwork shops etc. Rwandese food are mostly fresh from farm to the table including other favorites like chicken. Steamed plantain (matooke) is a favorite dish to many served along other staples like groundnut sauce. If you’re a coffee lover, get yourself set for one of the finest taste.

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the dry months of July to September, when the temperatures are cooler and the possibility of rain is very low or non-existent. Then the months of January, February and first half of March are also fine although with slightly higher temperatures.

Rwanda has a temperate climate with temperatures of 25 – 30 degrees Celsius during day and 15 degrees Celsius at night throughout the year. Nights can be chilly in Nyungwe and the Virunga area.

Most parts of the country receive rainfall in excess of 1,000mm. Rwanda experiences two rainy spells i.e. long rains from March to May, and short rains in November and the first half of December. Dry months are July to September, last half December to February.

Start in (1) Kigali, widely regarded the cleanest city in Africa. Nestled between the rolling hills, Rwanda’s capital is friendly, welcoming and with a host of great dinning and some of the world’s best coffee, this African capital is building a reputation with tourist.

Drive to (2) Volcanoes NP for a rare encounter with the breathtaking mountain gorillas. You can also climb up to the top of one or more volcanoes before setting out. Your next destination should be

(3) Nyungwe NP. One of the oldest rainforests in Africa, Nyungwe is rich in biodiversity and spectacularly beautiful. Memorable and photogenic moments include walking up to the Isumo waterfall or along the Canopy Walk suspension bridge.

From Nyungwe, you surely need to connect to (4) Akagera National Park. Akagera is a true success story of conservation effort. With a family of lions from South Africa settled and breeding successfully and eastern black rhinos reintroduced, the park boasts of big 5 sighting.

Do you feel like going for a swim or relaxing at the beach? On the shore of (5) Lake Kivu – Rwanda’s largest lake, every season is good for swimming and sunbathing especially in Gisenyi – a town on the north shore of Lake Kivu, northwestern Rwanda’s Rubavu district. This is a country worth knowing and it is definitely worth seeing.

While on a trip in Rwanda, one may (depending on interest) you can undertake any of the following activities: gorilla and golden monkey trekking, hiking the volcanoes and crater lakes, game drives in Akagera, boat safaris, kayaking in Lake Kivu, chimp tracking, birdwatching, local community & cultural encounter, beach relaxation in Gisenyi, attend meeting & conferences in Kigali.

If coming only for gorilla trekking, at least 2 days. However, you may need at least 5 Days if you would like to explore a bit more of Rwanda.

From experience, most people incur no health problems during their visits but rather enjoy themselves during the time on Safari. Nevertheless, you may consider the following in your packing:

– Anti-malaria medicines, pain reliever, insect repellent. Simple first aid kit won’t be bad at all.
– Pack your necessary sunscreen, hand sanitizers, sun-hat plus glasses, body creams/lotions of your choice among others.

IMPORTANT: Ask your medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas for any emergencies.

The main entry point into Rwanda is through the Kigali International Airport. You have to present your identification documents like passport and depending on the country of origin, a stamped visa. The visa must be obtained prior to the arrival.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months and has several clear pages for visas prior to the departure to Rwanda

National Parks in Rwanda

Discover Rwanda Safari Tours Today

Forget about the country’s sad past. Rwanda is (now) one of the safest destinations to visit in Africa. Rwanda stands as a shining example of progress, reconciliation, and natural beauty. From the lush green hills of the countryside to the vibrant streets of Kigali, the capital city, Rwanda offers a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking adventure, culture, and the warmth of its people.

While this article could go on and on about the wonders of Rwanda, we believe that the true magic of Rwanda safaris can only be fully appreciated through a personal visit. It’s breathtaking landscapes, thriving wildlife, and rich cultural heritage await your exploration!