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Are you looking for travel tips for your journey to Rwanda? Then you’re in the right place! Don’t bring plastic bags to Rwanda, avoid the topic of genocide, get the vaccines recommended by WHO, take your nice evening clothes with you, and explore not only the safaris but also the rapidly developing cities. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

Our Rwanda Travel Tips

Rwanda is a country full of surprises, with laws and regulations that you might not expect if you don’t know about them. Hence, here’s our Rwanda travel guide – a set of tips and information that will help you have the time of your life in this beautiful country!

Don’t Take Any Plastics with You

Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries in the world, and it is so for a reason. They achieved this through strict sustainable legislation, such as a complete ban on plastic bags. This might come as quite a shock, especially when you discover this only on your arrival.

You have to bear in mind that any plastic bags that you take with you might get… confiscated at the airport. So, don’t take any at all if you’re planning to go on a Rwanda safari.

Don’t Eat in Public

Strange as it may seem, people in Rwanda feel that eating is a private matter; hence, our tip here is: don’t eat in public, as it is considered rude. This doesn’t only include takeouts but also little snacks like a chocolate bar or a fruit. So, if you want to be respectful, don’t snack, unless you’re in the privacy of your hotel room.

Keep Peace in Public

Another thing that is different in Rwanda than in Western countries is that the people there do not like confrontational or emotional behavior in public. Additionally, they are extremely respectful to elders, which you need to remember if you want to have a great relationship with the locals.

travel tips for rwanda gorillas

Follow the Gorilla Rules

Rwanda gorilla trekking is perhaps the most desired attraction in this country. However, did you know that it’s strictly regulated?

If you want to enjoy your time in Rwanda, our tip is to learn the rules and comply with them. These include:

  • You must stay in the presence of gorillas for no longer than 1 hour.
  • You must not touch or get too close (7 meters) to the gorillas.
  • You must not use flash photography.
  • You must not go on a gorilla tour if you are sick.

While these might seem strict, they were all introduced to protect the wildlife. Hence, remain respectful and follow these rules.

Don’t Mention the Genocide

The 1994 genocide is still a fresh topic for the people of Rwanda. Therefore, even if you are interested in it historically or its impact on society, don’t try to ask about it – it’s a painful memory, and such questions might rekindle the pain.

Get Vaccinated

Is Rwanda safe to visit? Yes, as long as you’re protected from common diseases. For that, we recommend taking the following vaccines:

  • Hepatitis A,
  • Hepatitis B,
  • Typhoid,
  • Yellow Fever,
  • Rabies,
  • Meningitis.

Dress Nicely

Rwanda is a quickly developing country, so treat it accordingly. Don’t wander through the city in your safari gear, or what’s worse (and practiced by many tourists) – go out for dinners in it. Instead, pack your nice evening clothes and keep up to the standards you would follow in your home country.

The Takeaway

A journey to Rwanda is an exciting, eye-opening adventure. But, you mustn’t forget about the local community and be respectful of them. Follow our Rwanda travel tips to avoid trouble and have good relationships with the locals, and enjoy your East African adventure!

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