Read about Environment in Uganda and East Africa

Located in the tropical equatorial region of Africa and intersected by the Great Rift Valley escarpments, Uganda is a warm humid country with temperatures around 25-29°C. The country’s hottest days appear around December to February, but still most evenings can feel 17-18°C. She has several beautiful landscapes and sites which have supported the African safaris.

Uganda receives an annual rainfall of 1,000mm to 1,500mm and this tends to appear around the months of March to May and September to November. This rain makes the roads and terrain hard to navigate but these are just seasons we still keep looking forward to the dry seasons from January to February and June to August.

Blessed with such essential geographical and natural features, Uganda has a series of water resources like Lakes, Swamps, Rivers, mountains and beautiful waterfalls within her diverse ecology. The other countries found within the great Lakes region of East Africa are Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi, these share with Uganda most of the water resources, some of their rivers channel into Uganda’s Lakes.

There are many natural features in Uganda that offer the best tourism activities, for example, several Lakes, Swamps and Rivers offer boating and cruising, bird watching, nature walks, white water rafting on River Nile, swimming, spot fishing and other adventures which are unique to Uganda.

In the nutshell, East Africa is endowed with a wealth of Natural resources, encompassing some of the most spectacular Wildlife and ecosystems in the whole world. The countries, therefore, have to invest in effective and equitable management of these vast fragile land, water and wildlife resources which in the end highly contribute to the National Economy. Good management and conservation can also improve the lives of the local communities.

Lakes and Rivers in Uganda

Uganda’s River Nile is one of the greatest sources of adventurous tours in the Country which flows its water into Northeastern Africa. This is the longest river in the world with about 6,650km long. It is international as its drainage basin covers several countries. Lake Victoria which is the Source of the River Nile is also the largest Lake in Africa, while at the lake you can indulge in several activities namely; boat cruising, fishing the Nile perch, feeding chimpanzees at Ngamba Island, visit the source of the Nile in Jinja, visit Ssese Islands or relaxation on the other surrounded Islands and resorts. This freshwater body is estimated at 68,800sqkm on the South East border of Uganda with Kenya and Tanzania.

Lake Albert

The Lake lies in western Uganda and was named after the early explorer’s name Sir Samuel Baker. The area is surrounded by Oil wells well known as the Albertaine Rift. The lake is good fishing point and off the route on the Lake is Uganda’s largest National Park Murchison Falls National Park, the Lake extends its waters to the borders of DR Congo from Western Uganda. It has a point where the Nile enters it and it is a very good area for boat cruising.

Lake Edward and Lake George

The two lakes offer an awesome safari tour to the tourists as it is typically located in the Rift Valley escarpment and connected by the Kazinga Channel with some parts found within Queen Elizabeth National Park. The communities around the two lakes benefit a lot from the fishing activities not forgetting their Kazinga Channel which awesomely offers the special sunset cruise for the beautiful wildlife safaris of Uganda in Queen Elizabeth NP.

Landscape and Mountains

Uganda as a country is mostly a plateau blessed with some rolling hills and low mountains. The central region of the country is mainly dominated by the grassland and tropical rain forests and volcanic foothills in the Eastern part. The country’s seasons and her ever-green vegetation favour her tourism activates. The Rwenzori Mountains within the Mountains of the Moon forms much of the Southwestern border between Uganda and DR Congo. The mountain is known as the third highest in Africa and it rises to 16,700 feet above the sea level with its highest peaks overhead the clouds and always snowcapped. Mount Elgon on the other hand on the border of Uganda and Kenya and estimated to be the oldest volcano in East Africa. Both mountains have several unique attractions like the three-horned chameleon, the rare vegetation and lovers of hiking safaris are well catered for here.

Talk about Forests and Reserves

Uganda’s forests are a little bit few and most times not given too much attention but when you visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, you get served with the huge giants the gorillas in their own natural habitat as you participate in Gorilla trekking safari, Mpaga forest is a unique place for birding lovers and it caters to birding safaris. Budong Forest Reserve together with Kibale Forest gives trekkers an opportunity to participate in Chimpanzee trekking, nature walks and birding safaris.


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