Luxury Safari Holiday Costs – Are They Worth It?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to luxury safari holiday costs. But when you boil it down to what you get for your money, even fully customized private safaris, including stays in the world’s top lodges, are extremely good value for money. After all, it’s not every destination that has elephants bathing inches from your private outdoor pool, or which can offer ranger teams with decades of experience behind them.

Why Luxury Safari Holiday Costs are Well Worth the Money!


There’s nothing quite like a luxury safari to reset body and mind. While thanks to modern internet connectivity you can stay in contact with the outside world if you really want or need to, heading out across the African plains is all about taking time away from the stresses of your everyday life.

Indeed, you’ll hardly want to check the latest social media posts of friends back home once you’ve spent even the shortest amount of time on a private game drive or pushing through the jungle foliage in search of mountain gorillas.

And we can safely say that this goes for all the family, from mesmerized preschoolers to taciturn teenagers. Family safari vacations can bring the generations together in a way most ordinary activities and vacations can’t. That’s why we think luxury safari holiday costs are absolutely worth it!

How a Luxury Safari Differs from Standard Safaris

The most immediately obvious way in which luxury safaris differ from an off-the-shelf safari is that it is more exclusive in nature. Most high-end lodges have just a handful of rooms or suites, so it’s impossible to feel lost in the crowd.

Others offer completely private escapes tailored to your every need, thanks to dedicated staff who ensure everything from dietary requirements to age-appropriate activities are arranged. Worried about the kids getting bored? Don’t! Lodges welcoming families are practiced at putting on special activities for even the youngest safari goers!

Luxury safari holiday costs also ensure a wide range of activities are possible on the grasslands of Africa. So as well as the traditional sunrise or sunset safari by 4×4, you may have the chance to encounter safari icons by boat, on horseback, or even sometimes on foot!

What to Expect From Accommodation on Luxury Safaris

When you’re not seeking out the latest sightings of lion or rhino, luxury safari holiday costs include stays at exquisite lodges and camps. These no expense spared options can generally be found in private areas of reserves and national parks. This helps to guarantee tranquility for a peaceful night’s sleep or a day of relaxing by the pool or in an onsite spa. The only noise most visitors hear are those of the plains – the snuffling of warthogs, the roaring of lions, or the barking of leopards come dusk.

Although located in secluded areas some distance from the nearest towns and cities, these lodges should be considered on an equal footing with high-end hotel stays in the world’s top destinations. At the same time, you’ll generally receive much more attention from staff members, with many places to stay boasting one staff member to every two guests, a figure unheard of in city center hotels anywhere in the world.

Benefits of a Luxury Safari

Safaris are there to be savored. And that’s what luxury safaris do best – help you savor every single moment of your time in Africa.

The one-to-one attention you’ll receive means you’re sure to discover more, and head home with a much better and deeper understanding of safari ecosystems, from the smallest insects to the great tuskers.

What’s more, since much of a luxury safari holiday costs come from shaping a trip to your exact requirements, you can spend much more time out on the plains than on standard safari setups, when you may tour the grasslands with 8-16 other people for two hours in the early morning or early evening only.

For the most part, activities on luxury safaris are all-inclusive. As a result, safari goers have the freedom to do as much or as little as they wish, without feeling any additional financial burden. The all-inclusive nature will normally extend beyond accommodation and activities to include fine dining meals three times per day, and extras such as 24-hour electricity and laundry services.

But the most important inclusion is a luxury safari’s expert guides. Don’t be shy in telling them your main interests – lions? photography? birds? Nothing is a problem. Why not take a look at our about us page to learn a little about our guides?

Why are Luxury Safari Holiday Costs So High?

When you consider everything luxury safari holiday costs cover, you’ll probably come to the realization that going on safari in this way is actually excellent value for money. Once on the ground in Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda (to give just three amazing potential luxury safari destinations) you’ll find you don’t need a great deal of cash at all.

It’s worth remembering that while the average city center hotel might have 120 double occupancy rooms (the London Savoy has 267), most high-end luxury lodges and camps are limited to a total of around 24 guests on any given day. A significant number of staff members are then on hand to keep standards where they should be. Mobile camps require further staff to set up each night – which can make it cheaper per person for a group of four rather than a solo couple.

Then you have the costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment. A Land Cruiser fresh out of the factory can set an operator back $100,000, and will need to be replaced after just four or five years on the unsurfaced roads of national parks and reserves.

The Truth Behind Luxury Safari Holiday Costs

It’s still fair to say that you can spend as much or as little as you are comfortable with when heading out on safari. However, you shouldn’t mistake the term ‘luxury’ with the word ‘expensive.’ If nothing else, you can’t put a price on the lifetime of memories and experiences you’ll have after your first wildlife encounters in the bush!


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