Is It Safe To Travel to Tanzania in 2024?

Is Tanzania safe to visit? It all depends on which region you will be in. Most regions are safe for tourists, but you need to avoid the Mtwara region and keep at least 30 km away from the border with Mozambique. In other places, you’ve got nothing to fear, apart from the standard risk in popular tourist destinations, like thieves and pickpockets. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

Is Tanzania Safe to Travel To?

Tanzania is quite an exotic destination, so you might naturally be afraid of visiting it. But should you? Absolutely no – it is safe to travel to Tanzania as long as you know which regions you’re going to and are careful (as any tourist should be).

The risks that governments often underline are usually related to certain areas in Tanzania that you have no reason to visit if you’re a tourist. Take, for instance, the Mozambique border in the Mtwara region – you have no reason to come near there if you’ve come to enjoy a safari in Tanzania.

What about the diseases? Here, you have nothing to worry about. In order to get to Tanzania, you need to get vaccinated for yellow fever, and if you’re really worried about catching other illnesses, you can always get the vaccines that are recommended for tourists:

  • COVID-19,
  • Hepatitis A,
  • Hepatitis B,
  • Typhoid,
  • Rabies.

How to Be Safe When Visiting Tanzania

We know that Tanzania is safe, but it’s still a country tourists love, so you need to be a bit more cautious. How to keep yourself safe when in Tanzania?

Travel with an Agency

Professional travel agencies, like us, offer you full support and ensure your safety during the trip. Thanks to working with expert guides, you’ll be sure to avoid any dangerous areas or regions.

Working with a travel agency will result in you having private transport (important when considering the potential risks of taxis, more on that later on), staying in a better, safer hotel, and generally the know-how of the guide to avoid any trouble. To add to that, if you go on a safari, an agency might provide you with an armed ranger guide to ensure that you, your guide, your driver, and the animals are safe. After all, you’ll be exploring wildlife, so you need to be prepared, and traveling with an agency helps you with that.

Use Only Licensed Cabs

You might have some amazing things to do in Tanzania that you don’t need a guide for and decide to opt out of trips organized by agencies – we don’t recommend it, but we do understand it. In such cases, you will have to look for your own transport, which might be…risky.

Generally speaking, unlicensed cabs are often used in Tanzania to either scam the tourists or steal from them. Therefore, if you’re traveling on your own, make sure to use licensed taxi services only.

Don’t Resist If You See a Thief

Is Tanzania safe? Yes. Does it mean that bag snatching and robberies don’t happen? No.

If you find yourself in a region where crime is higher, or someone will simply see a window of opportunity and approach you, don’t resist – in most cases, it will make matters worse, as the person stealing from you won’t care if they’re causing any extra damage. That’s why if you’re traveling on your own, it’s good to keep your documents away from your bag – you wouldn’t like to end up without your passport, right?

The Takeaway

So, to sum it up. Is it safe to travel to Tanzania for tourists? Yes! All you have to do is avoid certain regions which, let’s be honest, you have no reason to visit whatsoever. But, the best way to keep yourself safe during your visit is to travel with a professional agency, such as Home to Africa! So, contact us and go on the trip of your life!

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