Discovering the Best African Safaris for Couples


If there’s something more romantic than an African safari, we haven’t found it. You wake to birdsong and even the roar of lions. You spend your day trailing some of the world’s most iconic species or at elegant pool sides. You share a celebratory drink as the sun sets behind a lone acacia on the open plains, igniting the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors. Romantic escapes, epic landscapes, and extraordinary wildlife – this is what the best African safaris for couples can offer. So stay tuned to discover the best African safaris for couples to book right now.

Why Uganda


When it comes to honeymoon picks, extra special anniversary celebrations, or just a much-needed couple’s retreat to reconnect away from everyday life, the ‘pearl of Africa’ has to be right up there.

As one of the safest countries in Africa, but with much lower visitor numbers than neighboring Kenya, the nation of Uganda undoubtedly boasts some of the best African safaris for couples. Although its impressive array of attractions may not be quite so well known as the Maasai Mara or Serengeti, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to ignore. Instead, you can discover the wonders of this east African nation before the rest of the world does!

What’s more, having enticed in the know safari goers since the 1920s and 30s, Uganda has an impressive array of places to stay. Here you’ll find everything from basic campsites to luxurious lodges, with the shores of Lake Victoria a particular favorite outside of the country’s long list of national parks.

What to Expect from Uganda Safaris


Of all our safari destinations, Uganda safaris are perhaps the most difficult to define. This is mainly because safaris in the country span a whole spectrum of wondrous sights. For instance, first time safari goers are sure to consider the best African safaris for couples to include the savannah grasslands of Kidepo Valley National Park.

Few other destinations offer such an authentic safari experience, with prowling lions joined by tree-dwelling leopards, wallowing hippos, trumpeting elephant herds and no end of antelope species.

Further south, the location of Queen Elizabeth National Park is unbeatable. Lining the southern shores of Lake George in the Great Rift Valley, its range of habitats switch from grassland savannah to volcanic craters. A home to four of the Big Five species (lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo), it is unusual for a traditional safari destination in also having a healthy population of chimpanzees.

Gorillas in the Mist


A trek through thick jungle may not sound like an option for the best African safaris for couples. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only are gorilla trekking tours incredibly exclusive, with only a limited number of permits issued each day, but they are an experience which couples are sure to reminisce over for many years to come.

Uganda has two options when it comes to trekking in search of mountain gorillas – of which there are only around 880 individual animals in the wild. These are Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

While you will have to share your trek with a handful of other visitors (groups are usually around eight people but can be much lower outside of peak season) this takes nothing away from the romance and beauty of encountering these majestic creatures.

Cuddle Together on a Boat Trip Like No Other


Boat trips are another great way of spending time with a loved one. When it comes to the top destinations for a boat trip in Uganda, there’s only one which springs to mind – Murchison Falls National Park.

Powering along the River Nile, small boats allow couples to get up close to the park’s water-loving wildlife but also get their best views of Murchison Falls themselves. So as well as encountering hippo, Nile crocodile and elephants among other species, you’ll get to experience the mighty Nile squeezed through Fajao Gorge – just seven meters wide!

The expedition can be made even more special by opting for an afternoon boat departure, which should have you floating effortless on the Nile’s waters as the sun blazes red and orange as it heads towards the horizon.

Alternatively, why not consider a ride across Africa’s largest body of fresh water – Lake Victoria? Its succession of islands make for a huge contrast to the open plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park and getting to them is nothing if not romantic either.

Best African Safaris For Couples: When To Go


The most popular months to undertake the best African safaris for couples are the months corresponding with Uganda’s two dry seasons. These last from December to February (covering both Christmas and St Valentine’s Day) and June through to August (useful for anyone who can only travel during the long school summer holidays).

Travel to Uganda during the green season, and it’s entirely possible that you bump into almost no other tourists. Lasting from roughly March until May and September to the beginning of December, travel can be a little more complicated due to weather conditions. However, there are still plenty of breaks in the cloud to ensure a trip at these times of year are worth it all the same.

For a full month by month Uganda breakdown, we’ve drawn on our years of experience in the country to create a guide to the best time to visit Uganda. While exploring our website, be sure to also read our pre-trip information so you can get the absolute most out of your travels in Africa’s pearl.

Uganda – the Ideal Safari Destination for Couples

Uganda’s wealth of differing attractions makes it the number one choice for couples looking to go on safari. Authentic game drives can be had at Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. Romantic boat trips can be enjoyed on the Nile beside Murchison Falls, while trekking in search of mountain gorillas is sure to cement any relationship. Add to this the fact Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa for visitors, and you have the perfect destination!


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