How to Take Photos on a Safari? Tips & Equipment

Looking for African safari photography tips? You’ve come to the right place! Adequate preparation ahead of time ensures your trip will be as memorable as possible. Among others, you’ll want to decide how many camera bodies you want to take with you. Additionally, consider your choice of gear, depending on the activities you have planned – watching animals by the watering hole and bird-spotting will require different equipment, for example. Keep reading for more tips on African safari photography equipment!

African Safari Photography: Tips to Keep in Mind

Whether you’re planning a safari honeymoon in Africa or simply want to relax and forget the stress of a hectic life, adequate preparation can be the deciding factor, ultimately determining the quality of your trip.

There are a number of elements not to be overlooked, and we break down a number of them here:

Pack (Enough) Equipment For Your Safari Trip

Roaming the rugged regions of East Africa often involves traversing rough terrain – it can be quite a bumpy ride. Since you want to make the most of your trip, you’ll likely be using your camera practically non-stop. In such demanding conditions, even the best camera for safari photography you can imagine can break down due to accelerated wear and tear.

For that reason, it’s generally recommended to pack a spare camera body for emergencies. Better to have less luggage space than be forced to go through the rest of your trip with no ability to document it. While it may hike up your costs considerably, it likely isn’t as bad as you think. Since most modern-made DSLR cameras are perfectly capable of capturing the essential beauty of an African safari, you don’t need to worry about acquiring top-of-the-line equipment.

african safari photography gear

Consider Planned Activities

Photographing still nature in Africa’s incredible natural parks requires different equipment, as does taking mobile shots from a safari vehicle. Another consideration is birdwatching. To get great pictures of safari birds, you’ll need a solid telephoto lens.

The takeaway here: the activities in Africa you plan, directly impact the photography equipment choices. Before setting out, make sure both are in alignment.

Don’t Forget to Live in the Moment

This tip is particularly handy for when you are planning to spend your honeymoon on a safari trip. If you’re constantly focused on the lens and what’s in front of it, your significant other may well get upset with you for taking away from the magic and not taking care of your shared bond. So, do remember to stay grounded in your surroundings! You’ll get plenty of photos nonetheless.

Mind the Climate

On an African safari, photography equipment can be a pain to deal with on account of one reason: the ever-present dust. The entire region is rather dusty, especially when going off-road. Packing a dust cover for your camera can spare you from constantly having to clean it.

Pack Replacement Memory

Since photographing your surroundings forms the central idea behind the trip, you’ll be taking lots of pictures. With so much happening around you and so many sights to behold, you can easily lose track of such mentalities as storage space.

Therefore, sufficient memory should be a crucial element on your list of African safari photography gear. It’s certainly a sensible choice to pack an extra memory card, maybe even an external drive to transfer your photos to when the day ends, to avoid missing any precious shots.

The Takeaway

When considering a comprehensive African safari photography equipment list, the five tips we listed above should not slip your mind. Adequate preparation will always be key – better safe than sorry, after all! We hope our guide has given you sufficient insight to avoid unwanted mishaps on your upcoming adventure.

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