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Africa lion tour safari in Kenya is offered in several of the country’s wildlife parks. Most famous is the Maasai Mara game reserve, where sightings of the African lion are guaranteed-the same way the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. Other Africa lion tours safari parks in Kenya famous for their African lion populations include the Tsavo, Amboseli, Nairobi, Nakuru, and Meru safari Parks. With a bit of effort and your diver guide’s understanding, you will be able to spot pride in each of these Africa lion tours safari land parks.

Africa lion tours safari of Maasai Mara


Kenya’s flagship conservation area and one of Africa’s best safari destinations is the Maasai Mara National Reserve and its neighboring conservancies. Elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hyena, and Mara’s iconic big cats: lion, leopard, and cheetah, are among the creatures that call the Mara home. The Mara is also a much-welcomed pit break for continuous herds of wildebeest who follow the rains on their death-defying 2 900-kilometer (1 800-mile) circular journey between August and November every year. Every year, thousands of travelers pay a visit to the Mara to experience some of Africa’s most authentic safari experiences.

Because of its varied landscapes, large open spaces, moderate climate, and diverse population of resident animals, game viewing in the Maasai Mara is good all year. Safari heavyweights like lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo and popular species like zebra, giraffe, hyena, eland, and gazelle call its champagne-colored savannahs home. Rhino sightings are rare, but if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one in the Mara Triangle. The Mara is known for its extraordinary big cat sightings (lion, leopard, and cheetah). Cheetahs have adapted well to the region’s flat plains, making the Maasai Mara one of the greatest sites to witness these swift predators. They frequent fallen trees, termite mounds, and even game drive vehicles for vantage spots.

Maasai Mara game reserve hosts over 10 feelings of pride of lions, if not more. The African lion in Maasai Mara is famous for its black mane, and the hair will usually be golden in the African lion’s youth, turning black as it advances in age. The lions of the Mara will be heard roaring next to your camp, where they have marked territories and locations.

The points of pride usually occupy one territory (which might be next to your lodge), and it is guaranteed that they will always be in those environs every day. The Maasai Mara Africa lion tours safari land park is rife with succession battles between male lions, and the dominant male is constantly fending off other challenging males. The male will, in most cases, be heavily scarred on the face as a result of battles fought and won before.

The Africa lion tours safari in the Mara will find you in the middle of pride that wants to use your car for shade. They will sprawl underneath and beside your vehicle for hours, ignoring your presence. By and large, the Maasai Mara African lion is used to humans, but that does not mean they are any less dangerous. So take no chances.

The Africa lion tours safari of Tsavo safari park

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo is a vast wilderness area in Kenya’s southwest separated into Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Tsavo is Kenya’s largest park and one of the world’s largest game sanctuaries, covering 22,000 km2 (13,671 miles).

It is particularly well-known for its vast elephant herds and breathtaking scenery. Tsavo is one of Kenya’s most negligible crowded game reserves, making it ideal for visitors seeking a truly authentic wildlife encounter.

The beautiful Mzima Springs, whose crystal-clear water pours through volcanic rock, highlights Tsavo National Park.

The lions of Tsavo East especially are the most dreaded and were upon which the movie the ghost and the darkness was based. The lions of Tsavo killed hundreds of railway workers and, at one point, halted the construction of the East African railway line in the 1890s. They came to be known as the man-eaters of Tsavo

The lions here are the most feared and un-habituated due to their limited contact with humans. They are equally harder to locate but more due to the expansive nature of the park. In most cases, your lions tour driver guide will most certainly know how to find pride since they are familiar with their territories.

African lion tours safari in Nairobi National Park

Lion on 9-Day Wildlife Sighting Safari

Nairobi National Park is a short drive from Nairobi’s central business center. The endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, and rich birdlife with over 400 species have been reported among the broad open grass plains and backdrop of city scrapers, scattered acacia thicket. Picnic areas, three campsites, and hiking routes are available to park visitors. The park size is around 117 km2, and there is no best time to go there because any time of the year can do. January to March is hot and dry, April to June is hot and rainy, and July to October is extremely hot and rainy. Nairobi National park is the only wildlife park in the world within capital city boundaries. Therefore, it is easily accessible and showcases what other country-based lion safari parks have to offer. The African lion pride of Nairobi national park is fewer due to the relative size of the park. They can, however, be heard in early mornings and late evenings roaring away. It is always an exciting experience in your Africa lion tours safari to see the elusive lions in this park before proceeding to the major national parks in Kenya.

Lions of Meru National Park

Lions of Meru National Park - lion tour park

Even though Joy Adamson’s “Born Free” books made Meru National Park renowned, it remains mainly unexplored and uncontrolled. The wild rainforest, rivers, wetlands, and meadows provide superb game viewing chances. Despite being neglected on safari bucket lists for years, it has been restored to its former beauty while avoiding the crowds of safari visitors. Meru National Park is pure, wild, and breathtakingly gorgeous. The park runs parallel to the equator and is crisscrossed by several rivers and streams, creating a lush, tropical paradise. From broad grasslands and hilly slopes to flowing rivers and Doum-palm woods, the panorama is breathtaking. Meru is accessible via road, with numerous routes to choose from depending on the season. Fly-ins are also possible due to the availability of airstrips.

The Meru National park easily holds the number one position of the most remote wilderness areas in the country. The wildlife here, unlike other parks, is very aggressive and un-habituated. The African lions of Meru National park compare to those of Tsavo and are the most feared. Meru national park, however, is a darling for tourists in search of virgin natural places in their Africa lion tours safari photo hunt.

The Meru and Kora sister parks are spectacular on a grand scale, with lush jungle, rushing rivers, verdant swamps, khaki grasslands, and massive termite cathedrals all set against the backdrop of the sky’s big blue bowl. Few sites compare to the lonely and rough mood found here, rarely frequented and completely unspoiled. Grevy’s zebras, elephants, Bohor reedbucks, hartebeests, pythons, puff adders, cobras, buffalos, and over 427 bird species have been reported.

Lions of Lake Nakuru National park


The magnificent Lake Nakuru National Park is located on the Great Rift Valley’s floor, bordered by woodland and bushy grassland. Visitors can appreciate the great natural diversity and different habitats from Lake Nakuru to the adjacent escarpment and scenic peaks. Bird watching, hiking, picnicking, and wildlife drives are popular activities in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru national park is the most visited park in Kenya. The park is also located 2 from Nairobi and within the Nakuru town and is host to Lake Nakuru, an important Ramsar site. (An Important water-body equivalent to a UNESCO heritage site). The park is famous for the millions of pink-colored flamingos that ring the sides of the lake like one large pink bracelet.

The African lion park pride is easily found and located in a particular area called lion hill. L. Nakuru is a very famous park since it also hosts the Black and White African Rhino. The white Rhino populations in the park have improved tremendously and are touted as a resounding success of the rhino breeding program by the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Let your Safari /Tour operator advice you on your itinerary to maximize your Africa lion tours safari experience in Kenya. For sure, you will see enough African lions and more of the big five game here, and That’s not a fact, and it’s a promise. Enjoy!


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