10 Adventure Sports You Should Try in Jinja

If you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling activities in Uganda, then Jinja is a must-visit for you. This bustling city is known as the “Adventure Capital of East Africa” because of its numerous exciting adventure sports that you can carry out on the mighty Nile River and within its surrounding villages.

Jinja also offers both local and international visitors a distinctive experience from that of Uganda safari tours to the national parks. And to enable you visit it while prepared, here’s a list of the 10 adventure activities you can try solo or with loved ones in Jinja:

1. White water rafting

This is the most popular adrenaline-pumping activity carried out in Jinja as the thrill of cruising through the Nile’s fierce rapids on a 25 km ride is unmatched. From first-timers to skilled rafters, there are suitable half-day to full-day cruises to challenge and excite you on the 4-5 graded rapids on a river with a volume of water that’s seven times higher than the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Four reputable rafting companies offer rafting adventure tours daily so you’re assured of enjoying this unforgettable experience whenever you decide to visit Jinja. Remember to bring waterproof sunscreen since it is sunny most of the time during the rafting trips, a swimsuit, board shorts, a T-shirt, and changing clothes.

2. Bungee jumping in Jinja

You’ll leap over the River Nile source from the Nile High Bungee tower, which offers spectacular views of forested islands and certain parts of the city. The jump is 44m long, and you can opt to do it with a friend or any equipment of your choice since the tower is designed to carry a maximum of 235kgs while using high-quality pure white latex rubber cords.

And with two ways to jump – using an ankle tie and the full-body harness, you can choose to freestyle or somersault from the tower edge while onlookers cheer you on. It’s also possible to touch the waters of the world’s longest river if you wish since the company offers water touch jumps on top of tandem jumps and full-moon jumps.

adventure places in jinja - Bungee jumping Uganda

3. Tandem Kayaking

On this full-day trip, you’ll kayak on 5-grade rapids along the White Nile with highly qualified and experienced guides. The guide will sit in the back of the double-seater kayak to help you paddle as well as inform you when it’s necessary to double your efforts. While you’ll be upfront to power the two of you through the huge and crushing rapids.

Expect to get flipped over as you try to conquer the rapids and to spend between 3-5 seconds underwater before your guide rolls you back up.

4. Jet boating

To enjoy this adventure sport in Jinja, a professional pilot will speed you through the Nile rapids at 90 kph in a 12-seater jet boat with your family or friends. As you race up the 5-grade rapids to Kalagala Falls – the journey’s end, you’ll go on 360-degree spins without losing momentum to give you an adrenaline rush.

At the end of this 2-3 hour ride, the pilot will explain some of the incredible settings you reached during this terrific experience.

5. Riverboarding on Source of The Nile in Jinja

Riverboarding in Jinja - sport in Uganda

This extreme activity isn’t for the faint-hearted as you’ll have to power through the mighty River Nile rapids with fins on your feet while holding onto a bodyboard only.

However, if you’re up to doing this thrilling activity in Jinja, a professional instructor will train you how to riverboard correctly before you try it. And as you propel yourself on the water, a safety team will be on the lookout to get you out if things become too much for you.

6. Quad biking

There are several quad biking tours offered by All Terrain Adventures, but the more challenging ones include the Explorer and the Nile River safaris. And before embarking on these trips with an expert guide, you’ll get a practice session to ensure you can handle them.

On the Explorer circuit, you get to ride down the steep Nile banks to the shoreline below the Bujagali dam. While on the Nile River trail, you can travel along the riverbanks through forests, farms, and small villages on a longer safari with many difficult sections to traverse. You’ll also stop at certain viewpoints for memorable photo moments.

7. Tubing the Nile

On this exciting extreme tubing trip that will have you screaming along the way, you’ll get to drift through powerful White Nile rapids on an inflatable tube.

At the end of the trip, you will relax on the tube and enjoy drinks and snacks while still in the water. It’s fun to do this adventure sport in Jinja with family or friends for a merry time.

8. Horse riding near Jinja

Although there are many relaxed rides for family/friend groups to delight in the scenic views of the Nile and villages along the way, expert riders can also go on an advanced trip along with their guides. This 2-hour ride can have you cantering up hills and through plantations before ending the trip on a 1 km track along the captivating Nile banks.

Furthermore, even intermediate riders can get a chance to go on a short canter while on the mixed group trip through the villages.

Outdoor Horse riding in Jinja Uganda

9. Mountain Biking in Adventure Places in Jinja

With several trails to ride on, if you want a physical challenge that gets your adrenaline pumping high, then you can take the beaten tracks through hills and plantations to the Mabira forest on a lengthy trip.

You can hire the bikes for half a day or a full day and push yourself as hard as you can handle. Besides, remember to carry lots of drinking water, an energy drink/bar, sunscreen, and insect repellent to enable you to finish this safari without any problems.

10. Ziplining - Adventure Activity Close to Jinja

Whereas this fun activity isn’t necessarily done in Jinja, but in a close-by town, it’s worth adding to the thrilling things you can try there since you can carry it out on your way to the adventure city at Griffin falls camp.

You’ll have to climb up to the ziplining start point atop a tree with a safety rope tied around you. Then, go screaming on a 250 metres zip line through the tallest trees in the Mabira forest and across River Musamya.

And as you wait for others in the group to finish doing this thrilling activity from a tree platform, you’ll relish the stunning views of the forest canopy, and possibly enjoy sightings of birds and primates, such as the great blue turacos, African fish eagles, and red-tailed monkeys.

Try Outdoor Sports in Jinja

With lots of thrilling adventure activities to do in Jinja, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and no matter which one you choose, be ready to have a grand time. So, if you’re hyped up after reading this article and can’t wait to visit Jinja, contact us so that we can create a tailored trip for you.


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