We create once-in-a-lifetime East African safari tours and vacation packages that deliver lasting memories.

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Discover the wonder of our East African tour destinations.

Discover the beauty of Tanzania; go on a safari in Uganda; explore Rwanda and see the rare silverback mountain gorillas yourself. If you wish to uncover the mysteries of East Africa and go on a journey of your life we’re here for you – offering the best private East Africa tours you’ll ever experience.

Go on an Exciting Safari in East Africa with Home To Africa

With our wonderful East African safari tours, you’ll get as close to nature as possible. Watching the marvelous fauna of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, or Tanzania from a close distance, you’ll go on an unforgettable adventure incomparable to any other trip.

Home To Africa – Making Your Travels Secure

We give you full freedom in where you go and what you do while handling the most critical tourist concern: safety. Many people fear exploring East Africa, yet with us you won’t have to. Our team will be there for you, to assist you at any time, giving you the security of traversing the continent with the support of people with true know-how of the risks, customs, and topography of the countries of your choice.

Providing East Africa Tours that will Meet Your Expectations

As experienced private East African tours and safari organizers, we’ve learned how to cater to the needs of even the most demanding customers. No matter what your expectations are, we are sure to meet them. Dedicated, passionate, and trustworthy – these are the values that make our team so exceptional. With Home To Africa, you’ll experience the most professionally prepared gorilla tours in Rwanda, go on a safari to the best spots in Kenya, and return home safely, delighted by the pleasures of your journey.

We are ready to prepare any type of tour that you desire. Are you planning to go on a weekend safari? A deep, long dive into the East African culture? Perhaps, to sightsee the magnificent landscapes? We will make you a tour tailored to you, a memorable experience that will be the true answer to what you want.

Organizing the Best East African Private Tours from A to the B

You want your journey to be memorable. For that, you deserve the finest treatment at every step of your travel. At Home To Africa, we understand that, therefore we prepare our tours with the highest standards in mind. The most attractive destinations, first-class accommodation, convenient and comfortable transportation – we will ensure that every aspect of your adventure is highly vetted, top-notch, and simply excellent.

Why Should You Go on Your Tour to East Africa with Us?

We’ve been building our reputation for years. Professional, dependable, responsive, passionate, dedicated – that’s Home To Africa in a nutshell. Every vacation has to be perfect, but in remote countries like those of East Africa, it’s even more crucial – how often do you have an opportunity to visit the Mother Continent? With us, you’ll have a guarantee that you will make use of this possibility to the fullest and that your East Africa tour will indeed be enjoyable.


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From a safari and trekking tour to a vacation of pure relaxation and culture, we can combine our packages to craft an itinerary that exceeds your expectations.


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We believe all people should live dignified lives, free of want and facing life alone. So it is our joy to give 10% of your bookings with us to our charity.

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